GodIf something good happens to you, you had better be careful: good things are just what the supreme non-denominational god-head figure puts in the way of your “life path” in order to get your guard down…You are walking down the street, no one else is around and you see a fifty dollar note in the middle of the road; you walk over to pick it up — “This must be my lucky day” you say to yourself — then… BAM! You are hit by a truck.

That’s how the ol’ chap upstairs works, see?

3 Responses to Cynicism

  1. teacake says:

    What is exactly is your point? Do you actually believe that someone is malevolently baiting you with good things so they can zap you?

  2. Anthony D says:

    I’m flattered to think that you actually thought my post had a point…

    And to answer your other question, yes, yes I do.

  3. teacake says:

    Well I’m afraid I must tell you that there really is not that much order and meaning to the world. Shit happens without malevolence behind it.

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