Commie scientists claim intellectual superiority

A new study by David Amodio of New York University claims to show that left-leaning voters have “twice as much [brain] activity in a deep region called the anterior cingulate cortex” as those on the right.


This area of the brain is thought to act as a mental brake by helping the mind recognize “no-go” situations where it must refrain from the usual course of action.

Of course, a true conservative thinks with their gut, not their head, so this proves nothing. And if we didn’t push ahead into “no-go” situations, we would never have liberated the Iraqi people from Saddam. Madness!

But, once again, we have “scientists” pushing their left-wing agendas under the guise of academic discourse. Just last week, we had the intelligentsia pushing their “dragon-killing asteroid” theory (and, like evolution and Newtonian physics, is just a theory and not a fact!). This bias towards brain activity is just more of the same.

5 Responses to Commie scientists claim intellectual superiority

  1. Dan says:

    As if we don’t already know that, on average, progressives are more educated than conservatives! Of course, however, you can argue that education is not the same as wisdom, and I would’ve agreed with you up until Newt Gingrich took over Congress. And now with Bush as the Republican head honcho, it’s kind of hard to shake the stereotype that most Republicans are ignorant rednecks!

    And don’t you just hate it how reality has a left-leaning bias?! 😉

  2. Dion says:

    “Reality” is just leftie propaganda!

    (It’s funny how the extreme right starts sounding post-modernist the further you go.)

  3. emma says:

    wateva mate u r talking crap

  4. emma says:

    who cares what u say, no one is interested

  5. Dion says:

    It’s about time I received some hatemail!

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