One of these days, APEC…

September 7, 2007

Down in Sydney, Australia at the moment is a little shindig called the APEC summit — the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation annual meeting. Basically, a bunch of political leaders jet over to the host city, where they then wait to be dehydrated by the Penguin before Batman can stop him.

What’s great about hosting the APEC summit is that the host city gets screwed for a week and the residents get no say about it and see no direct benefit. This is heavy-duty stuff: in essence, the whole city has been shut down. Party on!

At least with the Olympics here, you could see the Equestrian event while your tax dollars were being pissed away.

I don’t live in the CBD or even the metropolitan area, and even up here, we’re getting fucked for our troubles. Why? Every bastard from Sydney metro is crawling out of the gutters and heading west, clogging the roads and making life hell.

My solution: with all the moonbases currently in the planning stages, they can host the next APEC summit there. Even if the moonbase is some Hollywood set constructed to fool everyone but the most perceptive of nutjobs, at least the rest of us will be spared this rampant political masturbation.