Project Backstreet: Operation Layla

June 24, 2007

So I ended up writing a completely different version of Chapter 5 for my Backstreet Boys fanfic — one that included references to quantum mechanics, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis. But I wasn’t happy with it. It just wasn’t edgy enough!

So I went back to the original Chapter 5 — the dark, disturbing Chapter 5 — and finished it. It is this version that I have posted to the Backstreet Boys Fantasy Fanfics group and which you will find reproduced below. (I may end up recycling the alternate Chapter 5 later on.)

WARNING: This chapter is just really sick. Yes, it’s sicker than even Chapter 2. You have been warned…
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Project Backstreet update

June 21, 2007

Folks, I’m torn.

I’ve started writing the next chapter in my Backstreet Boys fanfic, and it’s disturbing even me.

On the one hand, the point all along has been to make each chapter increasingly bizarre, surreal and disturbing, but on the other hand, I think I need to pull back a little bit. Gotta give the fans something that’s worth the wait.

So, instead, here’s a link to the Manifesto of Surrealism by Andre Breton: lemonade fury.

Project Backstreet: Operation Mindfuck

May 29, 2007

The previous chapter of my Backstreet Boys fanfic elicited some comment from the fans. (If you’ll recall, it was based on the plays of the VT shooter.)

A summary of my responses is provided below:

I feel I must defend my work here.

In short, this chapter is a postmodern retelling of the US gun culture mythos through the lens of popular entertainment. Beyond that, however, we see the seeds of AJ’s character arc at this point in the story.

Earlier, I mentioned Nick’s “alchemical, transformational journey.” There are three major stages in alchemy:

1) Nigredo (i.e. blackening)

2) Albedo (i.e. whitening)

3) Rubedo (i.e. reddening)

The first stage, the blackening, is ultimately a confrontation with one’s Jungian Shadow. In chapters 1 and 2, we saw Nick’s psychic devolution, and now, in Chapter 3, we are witnessing the same in AJ.

One might even argue that the character of Mr. Brownstool is the physical manifestation of AJ’s shadow. More importantly, the text itself is devolving as a kind of self-referential nod to our collective devolution as a wider society (cf. the events of the last few days).

“Are we not men?” would be my question to you.


As Joseph Campbell used to say, you’re focusing on denotation and missing the connotation. From Wikipedia:

“Carl Jung saw alchemy as a Western proto-psychology dedicated to the achievement of individuation; in his interpretation, alchemy was the vessel by which Gnosticism survived its various purges into the Renaissance. In this sense, Jung viewed alchemy as comparable to a Yoga of the West. Jung also interpreted Chinese alchemical texts in terms of his analytical psychology as means to individuation.”

To quote Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


Like I said, the first stage of the journey involves confrontation with the shadow. I don’t think it’s at all a reach to suggest that, for a man who identifies himself as “straight”, this might lead to an exploration of latent homosexual desires.

And now I present Chapter 4 in this riveting saga…
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Project Backstreet: Operation Brownstone

April 18, 2007

Inspired by the deranged, nonsensical plays of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui (see here and here), this next chapter of my Backstreet Boys fanfic is a pointed critique of the culture of complacency that allows these tragedies to occur.

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Project Backstreet: Operation Man-Mustard

April 10, 2007

Last night I posted the second chapter of my Backstreet Boys fanfiction to the Yahoo! group. It’s reproduced below for the curious, though I must warn you that it is somewhat more explicit than the first chapter. Enjoy!

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Project Backstreet continues

April 5, 2007

In a response to the first chapter of my Backstreet Boys fanfic, I received a reply asking why Nick wanted to “know the details” and expressing surprise (or incredulity) at him hitting Jasmine.

My explanation is as follows:

He doesn’t really want to know the details—the questions are deliberately confronting as an act of aggression. Abuse can be physical or verbal, but it can also be psychological.

Nick hit Jasmine because he symbolises male aggression against the feminine principle in Western culture. His “Beverly Hills mansion”—a hyper-real creation as much as Disneyland or the White House—is, in a sense, the apotheosis of capitalistic desire for the subjugation of nature, so the female protagonist must meet Nick on his terms when in his domain. When she refuses, he strikes out in the triumvirate of verbal, physical and psychological aggression.

As you will see in the coming chapters, Nick will undergo an alchemical, transformational journey where his current psychological lead will transmogrify into self-actualised gold.

Glad you enjoyed my simple little story.


The Project begins

April 4, 2007

As part of my covert operations, last night I posted the following to the Backstreet Boys Fantasy Fanfics Yahoo! Group…

Got Me On My Knees, Chapter 1 (NC-17)

Jasmine knew this was wrong–so very, very wrong–but she could feel AJ’s breath on her neck sending chills down her spine. “Don’t stop,” she moaned, breathlessly.

“We’ve got it goin’ on,” said AJ in a controlled and tender voice.

That afternoon, AJ took Jasmine to places she’d never been before. He was a lover par excellence, just as she’d always suspected. He was gentle but masculine; sensitive but assertive. And as she reached the Promised Land, he was her King.

They lay next to each other as the afternoon sun streamed into the room, basking together in the afterglow.

“We can’t let Nick know about this,” AJ mused as he caressed Jasmine’s cheek.

“There’s no reason for him to find out, is there?”

“Of course not.”

Jasmine got up and made her way to the bathroom to freshen-up and get dressed. She felt a mix of fear, terror and excitement well up inside her from the pit of her stomach. No, now was not the time to be falling for AJ, she thought to herself. Nick would be at home, waiting for her.

And so, that afternoon, as she kissed AJ once more before leaving, she knew that, sooner or later, she’d have to make a decision about which Boy was truly the right one for her.

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Project Backstreet

April 3, 2007

There are hidden encoded messages in Backstreet Boys recordings. “Backstreet” is the new form of back-masking, putting evil in music so that it infects stupid minds. Music is for brains not ears but Backstreet’s Back, alright?

It is the conflation of rhythm and melody that encodes the music. 4/4 is 3/4 when run through a prime number matrix. BUT in 6/8 the problem becomes two-fold: Nick Carter is Aaron Carter’s brother and Carter was president. Ford was president before Carter and Ford wrote The International Jew. David Geffen runs the Shadow Freemasons.

But the Backstreet Boys are not human. Lizards made them flesh but they are made from parts from Sony VCR’s. (“Sony” is “Ynos”–or “winos”–spelt backwards. The French winemakers are in on it.) Justin Timberlake was sent from the parabolic future to destroy them but they were too powerful and sent Britney crazy.


I have secretly infiltrated the Backstreet Boys fantasy fanfic group on Yahoo! and will be conducting covert operations starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!